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Yoga therapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness that combines the principles and practices of yoga with modern therapeutic techniques. It is a growing field that focuses on using yoga techniques to address physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Yoga therapy is typically tailored to the individual's specific needs and can be used as a complementary or alternative therapy alongside conventional medical treatmentsUsing the holistic tools of Yoga therapy, we will create an individualized program for you and your specific needs. This includes functional adaptations and modifications of asanas ( yoga postures);  pranayma ( breathing techniques); relaxation and meditation techniques;  approaches to health and wellness informed by ancient  mind-body practices in collaboration  with modern science.

Yoga One-on-One

Individual sessions are a great way to improve your allignment, work on a particular pose or do more in depth exploration of Yoga philosophy, psychology and spirituality. Working with a quailified Yoga teacher is an important part of your practice.

Yoga Education


Yoga Elite - Powerhouse Gym Stuart, FL 

Monday            9.10 am - Power Vinyasa

Monday            10.15 am - Gentle Yoga

Monday            11.30 am - Restorative Yoga

Wednesday     9.10 am - Yoga Stretch 

Wednesday     10.15 am - Gentle Yoga

Wednesday     11.30 am - Restorative Yoga

Friday               9.10 am  -   Yoga Sculpt  

Friday               10.15 am - Yoga Stretch

Friday               11.30 am - Yoga Calm

Sunday            11.30 am - Slow Flow - Zoom Only 


Native Yoga Center - Juno Beach

Friday  3.30 pm  Restorative Yoga 


FPL/NEE, Juno Beach/PGA - Employees Only Access

Monday        4.30 pm - Vinyasa Yoga PGA

Wednesday  5.15 pm - Yoga Sculpt JB/PGA

Thursday      12.40 pm - Vinyasa JB

Thursday      1.45 pm - Gentle Yoga JB

Friday           1.45 pm - Gentle Yoga JB


Carrier, PGA -  Employees Only Access

Tuesday 5.15 pm  Vinyasa 


Golden Lakes , WPB-  Members Only Access

Refer to Club's Schedule 


Lobolly , Hobe Sound- Members Only 

Refer to  Club's Schedule 


Jupiter Island Club - Members Only 

Refer to Club Schedule











Workshops and classes in Yoga History, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Psychology, Yoga Anatomy - for practitioners and teachers. 

Group Yoga Classes 

                                              Yoga Elite, PH Gym, Stuart, FL

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